8mm Film Processing

I occasionally get a box of 8mm or Super8 film from a customer to transfer to DVD and find an undeveloped film inside. The question of where can I get it processed always comes up. Kodak has gone out of that business as have most processors. I used Google to do a search and came up with several places that still process 8mm film. Some only do a certain type of film, others require you to pay up front and wait till they get enough film to do a batch which could take months. There was only one processor in Canada and several in the USA. And they aren’t cheap. You also run the risk of losing the films in the mail. Processing film is like your father’s Model T. A rare commodity.  So you have to decide if it’s worth the cost to process your film. You might find that there is nothing on the reel at all, it was never exposed, or really poor footage. If you have a large group of other family movie reels, losing one may be more economical.

Here are a few links to places I found on the internet that process 8mm and Super8 film. Proceed at your own risk. I do not recommend any of them  but list them for your information:

Niagara Custom Lab (Canada)

Rocky Mountain Film Lab (USA)

Film Rescue (Canada)

Dwayne’s Photo (USA)

Yale Film & Video (USA)

Spectra Film & Video (USA)