How To Care For VHS Tapes

vhs tapesVHS Tapes always wear out a little bit every time when we play them. Here’s how to care for them.

1. Keep your tape in its box when not being used.
2. Store the tape, facing upright, in a cool, dry, dark place.
3. Be careful when handling a tape. Don’t drop it or touch the film part of the tape.
4. Always rewind your tapes before storing it. This keeps the tape nice and tight and avoids sagging.
5. Always store your tapes away from direct sunlight and heat.
6. Keep your VHS tapes away from speakers and Magnets.
Never leave the tape in the VCR when you’re not watching it.

You may wish to backup your VHS tapes to DVD to avoid losing your precious memories.

Don’t leave your tapes lying around out of their cases.