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Planning a Photo Montage

Photo montages are great ways to celebrate the past. At events such as weddings, graduations, family or class reunions, and even funerals photos and music can help bring memories back.

How long should your montage be?
That all depends on how you are going to use your video. If the video will play on a loop throughout an event then the longer the better! However, if you expect everyone to gather and watch it together limit it to about 10 minutes. Some suggest four songs or about 125 to 175 photos. For information on cost, see the price list.

Choosing Your Photos
Of course great quality photos will look best, but don’t sacrifice memories even if they don’t have the best lighting or composition.

Use Horizontal Photos When Possible
While vertical photos will need to be used, opt for horizontal photos when possible. Given the dimensions of a TV screen horizontal photos will show best.

When choosing your music you want to take your audience on a roller coaster ride. It should start off with a slower song, transition into a more upbeat song and then save your best song for the end. If you’re planning a wedding montage, click here to see some song suggestions.


How long will a USB Flash Drive retain its data when unplugged?

USB Thumb DriveMost manufacturers claim their flash drives will retain their contents for at least 10 years, but there are a number of variables that can shorten that time span.

If the flash drive was new when you copied the data onto it, it should be safe for at least most of those estimated 10 years.

If the drive was used however, I wouldn’t count it it lasting more than one-half to two-thirds of that time. Also, keeping the drive stored in a cool, dry location will help maximize the life of the data stored on it.

If your data is really important to you, I would back it up onto a second USB drive and give it to another family member or a trusted friend (who doesn’t live in the same house) for safekeeping. And after a few years you can transfer them to a new USB drive.

That way if one drive becomes lost, damaged or simply stops working you’ll have spares tucked away that you can use to retrieve those precious files.

Better yet, you could buy several thumb drives and hand them out to various trusted friends and relatives. After all, they are quite inexpensive these days.

A couple of other long-term storage options that I recommend are burning your data onto blank DVDs and/or uploading them to the cloud or one of the many free online storage services that are available these days.

When it comes to safely storing files that you simply cannot afford to lose, it’s wise to always do two things:

1 – Store at least one additional backup in another physical location.

2 – Keep multiple backup sets (in the form of USB drives, external hard drives, DVD’s or online cloud storage services).

Source: Rick’s Daily Tips

Equipment Upgrade

To serve you better, we have upgraded a couple of pieces of our equipment this year.

Wolverine Digital Film Scanner

We do a lot of 8mm and Super8 film transfer. So we purchased a new 8mm film digital scanner that scans and digitizes each and every frame of your film for much higher resolution. The result can be transferred to DVD or as many now prefer, MP4 which you can play on many of todays computers that don’t have DVD/CD drives.

Epson FastPhoto Scanner

We have two very large photo scanning jobs last year and accomplished it with two flatbed scanners. We purchased a new Epson high speed scanning system to speed up the process. The quality is as good or better that what we were getting from the flatbeds. We save the images as JPG’s on your choice of thumb drive or CD/DVD.

If you have been putting off dealing with that old box of 8mm film or family photos, don’t wait any longer. Do it now before they fade or worse, get damaged or lost.

We look forward to preserving your precious family memories. For pricing information, click here. For larger orders we offer better pricing and remember, we don’t charge you sales tax. Give us a call today.

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Valentine’s Day Special

If you need an idea for an unusual gift for your Valentine, how about one of our e-Gift cards? Click here to purchase yours. You can choose from set amounts, or choose how much you’d like to spend. This is a special available until February 14th. After that e-Gfit cards will still be available, but the 10% discount will not apply. 

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Don’t Put it Off!

Many families have old 8mm home movie film, videotapes, photographs or 35mm slides of the kids growing up. They’ve been stuffed in a box in the closet all these years. You thought you should do something with them but never got around to it. Why not dig them out, dust them off and let us transfer them to a format that is current today. You can order additional copies for every member of your family at a reasonable cost. Your material is processed in-house and never leaves our hands so there’s no chance of it getting lost.

Don’t put it off. Give your family a special gift. Contact us today.

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