Equipment Upgrade

To serve you better, we have upgraded a couple of pieces of our equipment this year.

Wolverine Digital Film Scanner

We do a lot of 8mm and Super8 film transfer. So we purchased a new 8mm film digital scanner that scans and digitizes each and every frame of your film to 1080p for much higher resolution.

The result can be transferred to DVD or as many now prefer, MP4 which you can play on many of todays computers that don’t have DVD/CD drives.

Epson FastPhoto Scanner

We have two very large photo scanning jobs last year and accomplished it with two flatbed scanners. We purchased a new Epson high speed scanning system to speed up the process. The quality is as good or better that what we were getting from the flatbeds. We save the images as JPG’s on your choice of thumb drive or CD/DVD.

If you have been putting off dealing with that old box of 8mm film or family photos, don’t wait any longer. Do it now before they fade or worse, get damaged or lost.

We look forward to preserving your precious family memories. For pricing information, click here. For larger orders we offer better pricing and remember, we don’t charge you sales tax. Give us a call today.

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