8mm Film Transfer


We can convert your old 8mm or Super8 film to DVD, letting you keep those movies for a long time to come in a way that lets you have all the nostalgia with a lot less of the nostalgic hardware that would otherwise go with it.

We also convert almost any videotape format to digital. Here is a list of the most popular:

  • 8mm film to DVD
  • Super 8 film transfer to MiniDV or DVD
  • VHS converts to DVD
  • MiniDV, 8mm videotapes, Hi8 or Digital8 video cassettes to DVD
  • Cassette tapes or vinyl records to CD

We can even scan all your family slides!

Why should I transfer my 8mm home movie film to video?

If you are like most people, it’s been a long time since you’ve seen your Super8mm films. Getting the projector and screen set up can be a hassle, and disappointing too, if the projector lamp is burned out or if the projector eats your precious movies. Having your films transferred to video will make viewing them so much easier! Also, film deteriorates over time – and without transferring the film images to another media such as DVD, they will be lost.

Is this expensive? How much does it cost?

Transferring your old home movies to video is something that you will likely do only once. It is an investment in your family heritage to ensure that the precious memories captured on your films are preserved. Also, video transfer allows you and your family to enjoy these films using your DVD instead of relying on obsolete film projectors. The transfer fee is determined by the length of film to be transferred.

What is included in the film transfer fee?

  • We rewind any film that was put on upside down, backwards, etc.
  • We add a FREE background music sound track. The music is ‘orchestral’ (no vocals)
  • We can add a complementary title screen to the beginning of your film transfer
  • Most families order extra DVD copies so that there are copies for each child and for the parents. By the technique that we use, all your copies will be equally high quality originals!

Note: Of course, the quality of the transfer is dependent upon the quality of the film you provide us with. We cannot improve poor focus or shakey camera work from the original material or restore the heads that were cut off! We reserve the right to refuse film that is severely damaged or in very poor condition.

Here is a graphic to help you identify the type of 8mm film you might have. Please note: I only transfer Regular 8mm and Super 8mm film (no sound) to DVD.


Below is a sample of an 8mm film transfer.


8mm or Super 8 movie film reels

50′ reels – $20 each

200′ reels- $30 each

300′ reels $40 each

400′ reels $50 each

Minimum 5 – 50′ reels or a setup charge of $25 will be added

Additional Duplicate DVD Copies:

$5 each at the time of original order – $10 thereafter

What are your memories worth?

Remember we don’t charge Sales Tax!



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