Photo Restoration

Photographs don’t last forever. Preserve your family history. Your wedding album, or a special photo of your parents or grand parents may be showing symptoms of deterioration from age. Cracks, lines, and discolouring occurs over the years.  Let us restore those photos for you.

Photo restoration repair has been around for a long time.

Today to restore, retouch, photo enhance old photographs, photoshop, and digital programs for photo editing are used.

Digital photo restoration starts with a scan. We never alter the original photograph. Only the scanned copy is edited so we can improve, readjust, or fine-tune your photos.

If you have an old black and white photo we can restore it for you. We can do all sizes up to 8 x 10, but the larger the photo, the better the result.

The cost is $30 per photo and we do not charge tax.


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