How To Splice VHS Tape

How To Splice VHS Tape

We do not recommend trying to splice videotape and do not provide the service. If you want to try to repair a tape yourself, watch this video.

Please note… DO NOT SPLICE USING SCOTCH TAPE! Splicing tape MUST be used. Scotch tape will bleed through causing the tape to stick together.

How to Splice VHS Tape from Horizon Media Express on Vimeo.

Videotape Repair

DamagedTapesFrom time to time, I get calls from customers who have a videotape that’s broken. Either the tape has come off the spool, snapped, got folded over or torn, or the plastic case got smashed. The tape usually contains precious family memories of the kids when they were young or a family gathering. The old VHS machine stopped working and got thrown out way back. The customer would love to get the contents of the tape put on DVD. Unfortunately I don’t do tape repair. But after a long search, I came across a company that does.

Pacific Video Repair is located on the west coast of the USA. They charge $35 US per tape plus return shipping. What they fix:

  • VHS, 8mm, Hi8, VHS-C, Digital8, miniDV and miniDV HDV tapes
  • Broken or damaged shells
  • Tangled, snarled, or damaged sections of tape
  • Tape that has snapped apart or come off the reel
  • Cassettes that won’t play, or get ejected by a VCR
  • Cassettes that are in pieces
  • Cassettes that are missing pieces
  • Tapes that are moldy
  • Flood/water damaged tapes
  • Tapes that have been exposed to humidity
  • Fire/Heat damaged tapes
  • Sound is heard, but there is no picture

For an additional charge, they will transfer the contents of the tape to DVD for you. It’s not cheap, but if you really want to salvage that old videotape, this might be an option to explore.