For four decades, Sight and Sound has stood as Fredericton, New Brunswick’s go-to for cost-effective video services.

Founded by ex-radio and TV professional, Larry Dickinson, our service lineup encompasses a spectrum: digitizing 8mm/Super8 films to DVD or mp4, transforming videotapes (VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, MiniDV included) to DVDs or USB drives, replicating DVDs and CDs, scanning 35mm slides and images into premium digital jpgs, converting vinyls and audio cassettes into mp3 (exempting copyrighted content) on USB or CD, video and audio editing, crafting succinct promotional clips for enterprises or entities, and assembling video montages for weddings, funerals, or memorable events.

Distinctively, every project stays under our roof, assuring you never part from your valuables. There’s zero stress over misplacements since we never dispatch your memories elsewhere, whether within Canada or abroad. While we champion unparalleled quality, we’re also champions of local businesses. While you might encounter cheaper options, always recall that quality often correlates with cost.

Our clientele consistently lauds our work. For instance, Kathryn’s spouse expressed gratitude for letting him relive a VHS moment two decades old, Doreen was deeply moved hearing a vintage album, Barbara lauded our prompt and superior photo digitization and organization and Lorinda said “My husband and his brother truly cherished their journey back in time. The films surpassed our expectations. Excellent work. Thank you once more.”

For smooth communication, be informed that we employ a Call Control Feature to deter automated and spam calls. You’ll be prompted to punch in a digit to connect.

We operate from 9 am to 5 pm Atlantic Time, Monday through Saturday, and our services are tax-exempt.

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